Team Speak Server


Password frank 

Creed of the Anla’Shok

“We live for the One. We die for the one. We walk in the dark places that no one else will enter. We stand on the bridge, and no one may pass."


The following rules are in electrical stone.

1. No Offensive Language. If you wouldn’t say it at a nice restaurant then we don’t want to read it.

2. No Racism. This will not be tolerated.

3. No Clan Stacking. If there are 4 or more from a clan then we ask you to split up. If there are 3 or less then this is not a problem. Unless it is a sanctioned scrim.

4. No Abusive Language or Actions towards Admins or other players. We are all here to have fun. So let us have fun.

5. No offensive or ultra long names. Punkbuster has already been set up for some words and it won’t take long to add others.

6. No arguing with the Admins. If you have a problem with an admin’s decision, private message or contact a different admin on teamspeak about the situation.

7. No spamming of url’s or clan sites allowed. Again we are here to have fun. Feel free to let us know about your website or clan, but don’t spam us about it.

8. B5 is a confederation of like minded players and not a clan. If you wish to wear our tags you may. Just remember when you are at other sites to be courteous and fair as you are representing our community regardless of our sponsorship.

9. No multiple vote calling. If it failed the first time, then play for a while and see if the conditions are different.

10. No hacks. We will report anyone found hacking to Punkbuster. Confession is good for the soul, you tell us the hack and how and we forget your name.

11 Cowards not going for the objectives can be kicked with out warning ,this makes room for people who want to play a TEAM game

12. Since life is a fluid transfer then these rules will expand as necessary to accommodate any situation we need.

Notice to all.

Hypocrisy will not be allowed by the B5 Station. If the admins are abusing their powers they are to be reported to Ranger One by private messages or teamspeak when he is available.

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